Quick Strap - Elastic Beanie Strap

This strap keeps beanies on tight during any set. All beanies quickly lose their snug fit over time due to the nature of how they are made. This is a simple solution to a long standing b-boy problem.

  • Keeps beanies on during sets
  • Keeps headspin beanies from rotating on your head during head spins
  • Convenient and quick to use
  • Low profile so it can hide under the cuff of long beanies 
  • Adjustable so you can choose how tight you want it
  • The elastic flexes with your movements and feels snug while also comfortable
  • Much better than tying a bandana or shoe lace
  • Very durable and will last past the useful spin life of many headspin beanies
  • Machine washable so you can stay fresh

Shout out to Bboy Kaku from Mortal Kombat who inspired this idea through footage from Red Bull BC One. 

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