Headspin Beanie Elite (Padded)

Generation BBOY

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This is a padded headspin beanie made by head-spinners for all bboys and bgirls. Make headspin training easier with our beanies. We use the best materials available to ensure quality and durability — all Generation BBoy products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Makes headspin training more comfortable
  • Padding reduces soreness, allowing you to spin longer
  • Flexible pad that doesn't get in the way during power transitions
  • This product is recommended for breakers who are just training headspins and drills (If you're more experienced, you may preferr the control the Non-Padded Headspin Beanie Elite gives you)
  • Generation BBOY Tag on cuff
  • Machine washable - wash inside out on low/no heat

Spin Cap Warning: May cause dizziness and extreme freshness. For use by B-boys & B-Girls only.

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