Move Free Honeycomb Knee Pads

#1 knee pad for B-boys and dancers. They are a world apart from the basic knee pads. 

  • They do not restrict your movements
  • Providing superior protection for hours without irritating skin
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Includes only 1 pad
  • 11.5" long

The best way to keep training hard is to prevent injury in the first place. If you want to dance when you're 40 or even 50, then taking care of your body should be a priority. Don't sell yourself short, get the best gear out there. Invest in your bboying longevity with Generation BBOY. 

Size  Length Circumference around knee/elbow is between:
S 11.5" 10-13"
M 11.5" 13-15"
L 11.5" 15-18"
XL 11.5" 18-22"

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