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just don't stop

Few things are as difficult as breaking. If you can figure out breaking, you can figure out life. Just don't stop is our motto. Keep going until you figure it out. In a world of quitters, we believe that just continuing forward, day after day, will make you successful. 

Generation BBOY is here to help you push past your limits in breaking, life, and thought. 


When our bodies are strong, we can push our limits. Generation BBOY wants to keep you strong. We've experienced countless injuries. Don't do what we do, do what we tell you to do! Protect your body first. 

We provide the best and most popular breaking gear, that no one else does, direct to bboys worldwide. 

We are original. 

New products are always on the way. You can keep up with the latest via our social channels or email newsletter. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome as well. If you'd like to share your experiences of our gear and the training and travel it leads to, we'll be watching #generationbboy


We receive the most amazing feedback about our gear and what we do. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products and hassle free returns