About Us


We believe that few things are as difficult as breaking. When you stick it out and learn to break, that grit will carry over to all parts of your life. The study and practice of breaking will influence in a positive way your financial success, your depth of relationships, and understanding of creative expression.

A breaker is great, not because of his moves, but because of his ability to understand various ambiguous and complex concepts, which allow them to move to the music.

The individual's style of a breaking is like a fingerprint, unique to them alone. As a breaker understands the importance of originality, they will constantly see how valuable it is to be creative in all walks of life. 

To be a great breaker, one has to understand that it's not about moves, but movement. Movement is everything in between the moves and the complexities of flow of the dance. When a breaking comprehends that they have to have a attention to detail, that sensory acuity can help in all walks of life. 

Life is nothing without music or passion. We expect to live immersed in both. Only through both can we do incredible things. It's not just about dance.

We are doing things the world never thought possible – like creating air flares for Olympic gymnasts, and hopefully breakers are invited to the Olympics soon too. Our art can inspire anyone, anywhere. So, it is our responsibility to stay original, dance to the music, and leave a legacy on hip hop culture and the world. Until then, let the life skills of breaking transcend your dance and flow seamlessly into all parts of your life. 

Generation BBOY is here to help you push past your limits in breaking, life, and thought. 


When our bodies are strong, we can push our limits. Generation BBOY wants to keep you strong.

In our experience, training without gear will lead to injury. Gear serves its purpose when it prevents injuries. We provide the best and most popular breaking gear, that no one else does, direct to bboys worldwide. 

We are original. 

New products are always on the way. You can keep up with the latest via our social channels or email newsletter. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome as well. If you'd like to share your experiences of our gear and the training and travel it leads to, we'll be watching #generationbboy


We receive the best feedback about our gear and what we do. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products and hassle free returns