GET DRESSED DENVER. Hip Hop Art Charity Event

We love any event that is formed out of the love of street art and hip hop culture. That's what Get Dressed Denver is all about! So Generation BBOY has organized some BBOYs from around Denver to show up and cypher at the event. This is our way of giving back. If you are a BBOY and would like to be a part of this, hit us up. More info below, including a sneaker drive!

This event speaks to the Denver Community to be more creative and to promote art based independence in Denver.  There will be over fifteen artists, twenty-five businesses, seven clothing companies and six DJ’s creating a unique charity and giving experience for Denver at City Hall Event Center.

This year, Get Dressed Denver will feature four prominent graffiti artists whom will collaborate on one mural to be auctioned off for the chosen charity, five clothing companies participating in a fashion show, and one headlining Artist.

The event will promote a sneaker drive for children and young adults that cannot afford new shoes collect lightly used clothes for Battered Women, and auction off art to raise money for children at risk in the Denver Community.

May 04, 2011


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Nothing but the Truth

"I ploughed through the crowd, making my way to the great cypher. After realizing what was happening, I tossed the biter aside. The crowd cheered, knowing I was the real deal."


If you have not noticed. Most of Generation BBOY's products are accompanied by an original short story in the item description area. This is just one of them. Check them all out. You may think they are pretty dope.

The glory of these short stories are found in the fact that their simplicity can capture a key and unique feeling or experience that occurs only to BBOYs.

They will begin being "tweeted" once we get our twitter account online.

May 02, 2011


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New... B-BLOG

Welcome to Generation BBOY's brand new BLOG. We will be killing it on here for you daily! You will love all the unique content that we post and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Feel free to make comments on anything!

First some house keeping stuff. You will notice a few immediate changes to the navigation and design of

  • The store and BLOG are connected.
  • The About Us and Contact us page are shared.
  • The store is simpler, sleeker, re-designed as well.
  • We are NOT done yet.

Anything you have comments on in terms of navigation, partner links, design, or more can go here! Definitely let us know if you experience any problems so we can fix them immediately.

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