February 10, 2018


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We ordered a $7 headspin beanie from China...

... it was incredible, but not in the way that we hopped. So many things were wrong with this knock off. While a lot of good gear comes out of China, this is not one of them. It is not unimaginable that the manufacturer in china has not even seen an actual headspin beanie in real life (let alone someone do a headspin). In fact, that is the only explanation that explains why this beanie was so bad. It doesn't do the one thing that it is intended to do, headspin. The mesh that is sewn on the beanie is literally a jersey-type-cloth mesh, which helps reduce friction by a factor of 0, maybe even increases friction!

Here are 4 reasons (and photos) showing why we recommend you don't buy a cheap headspin beanie as many have the same issues as this one:

  1. Mesh is suppose to decrease friction and increase speed and nothing else. The cloth mesh used on this china beanie will just make you think you suck at headspins and cause rapid hair loss.
  2. The edges are not sewn flush with the beanie causing the mesh to tear off a the seams quickly and also causing the beanie to catch on the floor easily during power transitions.
  3. The mesh is not sewn around the top of the crown of the beanie, which causes lack of functionality and usefulness during power transitions.
  4. Most mesh will wear out quickly, while our industrial mesh will last for months or years depending on how much you headsspin.

We always wish someone would come along and take up the task of making better headspin beanies for less $. Unfortunately, it is still our burden to bear. We make the best headspin beanies and we know it.

Don't order a cheap headspin beanie. Order a Generation BBOY headspin beanie elite. 

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