June 11, 2018


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Spin Life

“Spin-life” is a fancy term I made up to describe the useful life of a headspin beanie. We have tested all the major brands on the market and have found that, of course, ours are by far outlast the competition.

(Yes, I have actually tested the spin life of Generation BBOY headspin beanies compared to others and we ROCK!)

For a headspin beanie to “last” it cannot unravel; have loose threads; or have any tears or holes in the mesh. ALL beanies will shrink a little and lose their elasticity due to washing and just general wear and tear, which we also have a solution for with our Quick Strap.

I can tell you that one of our beanies will “last” a legit head spinner about 6-7 months. This head spinner I am referring to is THE person in your state/hometown/area that you think of when someone asks, “who has the best headspins in this town, cowboy?”.

Most bboys don't headspin this much, but if you ask them, they'll tell you the joys of a brand new headspin beanie. If THEY haven't been using one of ours, it's probably because they don't know about us yet, TELL THEM PLEASE!

For the average bboy a Generation BBOY headspin beanie can last for YEARS. We have had guys contact us up to us years later saying they bought a beanie at “Freestyle Session 12”, and they just now need another one. Holy Cow!

For comparison, I recently bought a $30 headspin beanie from a competitor that UNRAVELED AT THE SEAMS and the MESH TORE IN 1 MONTH of use... Don't get ripped off!

We are the ONLY brand that seriously uses headspin beanies AND makes them.

Off on another adventure,


All day, every day.

June 11, 2018


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Why do we keep doing something that is so hard to become "great" at?

Why do we continuously pursue something that seems ridiculous? After all, sometimes it will take a year to see progress. Sometimes you will have an off training day and you cannot make any of your sets work. It gets frustrating. Here at Generation BBoy, each of us train. We know what success and what failure feels like. We push our community to grow though events like the Rocky Mountain Breaking League

With this in mind, it is a big deal to succeed at a difficult move. It is rewarding to do something so unique and hard. Something that makes people stop walking on the street and gasp in awe. Just like any other hobby, competing (battling), is rewarding within itself. I remember vividly the first time I moved on past preliminaries. While I did not win, I knew that I was not crazy. I knew that this passion of mine was a talent too. I knew that there were other people in the world who found this whole hip-hop scene just as enticing as I do.

Not only is it unique and rewarding but it also gives us a community. The breaking and hip-hop community in Colorado is inclusive, talented, and enthusiastic (among many other things). People come together under something that is so hard to do. That creates a bond almost nothing else can.

There are many reasons we break. There are many reasons besides being unique; rewarding; and having an amazing community. In fact, there are so many reasons it is not possible to fit it all on this blog! Why do you continue to break? Comment below and share your motivation!

- Kara
February 10, 2018


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We ordered a $7 headspin beanie from China...

We ordered a $7 headspin beanie from China and it was incredible, but not in the way that we hopped. So many things to say. View full article →
August 20, 2015


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5 Reasons Bboys Get Bald Spots and Therefore Don't Have Girlfriends

Being someone that makes headspin beanies, means I've learned a few things about bald spots. One of the most knowledgeable about this was Flexum. Understandably, he has some of the best ideas about what makes a bald spot haha. Here are the things he said that we agree with:

  1. Spinning on the Wrong Floors – No matter how nice your beanie is or how good your headspins are, there are some floors that you should not headspin on! The most common is carpet. Why are you head spinning on carpet? You will stick.
  2. Not Using Padding or Helmet – Headspins take a lot of work. That means you are spending a lot of time on your head. It is important to first learn headspins with a legit padded headspin beanie or a helmet (don't wear the helmet in battle). We sell the the best non-padded headspin beanie you'll ever own, which is best for when your scalp is used to head spinning and you're more experienced head spinner. 
  3. Using Hair Gel – When battling, Flexum wanted to look sexy and do awesome headspins! So, he wore hair gel and no beanie. However, he said this is probably the main reason for his bald spot. In his opinion, the combination of  hair styling product and headspins without a beanie burnt his hair follicles away forever! This makes sense to us too.
  4. No Headspin Beanie – This should be obvious. Why would any breaker think that they would NOT get a bald spot if they are spinning on their head for hours without any sort of protection. WE WERE NOT MADE TO SPIN ON OUR HEADS. Headspins have not been a great factor in humans’ survival. So, evolution did not leave us with callouses on our heads. If you are NOT using a headspin beanie YOU WILL GO BALD! I have only met 1 person that has not gotten a bald spot over the years who spins without a headspin beanie. He's very well endowed in the hair department.
  5. Using a Useless Headspin Beanie - I see plenty of guys rock old worn out trasy headspin beanies! If you have worn through a layer of your beanie, you need another one!
  6. BONUS - Your hair can grow back - Want to meet pretty girls again? YOU CAN! You just have to grow your hair back. I personally grew in my bald spot after I started doing the opposite of what I've said above:
    1. Only spin on slick floors like hardwood.
    2. Wear a padded headspin beanie for long headspin sessions.
    3. Minimize my use of hair gel while training headspins.
    4. Wear fresh headspin beanies.
    5. Never headspin without protection.

I hope this helps you guys get some girls! 



All day, every day
June 08, 2015


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BC One Denver Cypher

Here in Colorado the excitement was high the rainy morning of Saturday, June 8th. Why you ask? Denver, Colorado was chosen as the host for the mid west region BC One Cypher. Walking to the event I noticed the great amount of dressed up socialites going to events next door. BC One was going on right next to where Wicked was being shown! Hosted at one of the most prestigious event halls (where the Colorado symphony plays) it was not only a great event but a wonderful venue. 

Let's get to the actual event. Ivan the Urban Action Figure was the host and did not stop bouncing around getting the crowd hype. There was not one lull in the cypher with Ivan around. The judges were RoxRite, YNOT, and Asia Yu. Skeme Richards was the DJ and did a phenomenal job. 

Terrific Terry, a member of the same crew (Amida) as our CEO, Silvish, was in the battle and that was one of millions of reasons Generation BBoy showed up to the event in full force. Terrific Terry, among others, kept the crowd reminded of what amazing footwork, threads, and musicality looks like while others, like Kid Cruz, kept the crowd astonished with his power and pzazz. It was cool to see the the individuality and expression of each dancer. The final ended up being between Data from Soul Mechanics Krew and Kid Cruz from Bedtime Monstaz. The winner: Kid Cruz!

Thank you Red Bull for supporting the scene. 

- Generation BBoy

May 28, 2015


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Spin Life Freedom

Enjoy the #spinlife ...

To do that, you need to become a master at spinning. Spinning is all about Momentum. Momentum is all about Power, and Power is all about Freedom!  The freedom to be able to do what you want, when you want #spinlife 

Our gear can really help you achieve #spinlife freedom. We always say it, but if you don't believe us, that's why there's a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try our head spin gear for instance, for yourself and experience the difference. 

The Difference

We use a high performance commercial grade acrylic mesh. It is that simple. How did we find this phenomenal mesh? We basically ordered mesh from all over the world until we found something that was made of the right stuff. Now we know our mesh is legit and so we are not afraid to sell it all day, every day. However, we will not stop trying to perfect its quality, because we know #spinlife is a journey and not a destination. #spinlife is a constant search for perfection of momentum.

We picked the kind of mesh we use because we found it has the longest "spin life.” Our beanies last for a long time, contributing to your successful #spinlife journey. Our material is also easy to work with and flexible. It doesn't have patterns, or clashing colors, it is pure, fresh, clean, and it's simplicity speaks to us. It knows it's the best, it doesn't need to prove anything. It just is. 

#spinlife is not just a way of life where one strives for perfection of momentum.

In terms of beanies, "Spin Life", is a term we created that tells us the durability and quality of the mesh and how long it stays that way. We want to know how long a specific mesh can have the qualities of a brand new headspin beanie. This is long before the fibers unravel and reveal a bboy's head. We have not created any sort of scale or complex way to categorize different beanies' "spin life", but rather kept it simple and when we try a beanie, we know that it either has a long and fast spin life, or a short and slow spin life. When determining the spin life of a beanie, it really comes down to it's frictionless qualities and how long can it stay frictionless. Ours have the longest and fastest #spinlife of any beanie we've come across. There are only 3 stages of a headspin beanies #spinlife. 1.) Super Spin Phase. 2.) Useful Spin Life. 3.) Trash. 

3 stages of headspin beanie spin life

Our beanies have a unique initial ‘super spin phase’ where the headspin beanies are VERY smooth. This is because our mesh has a unique laminate coating. This ‘super spin phase’ generally lasts only about 1 month. After the laminate wears off, the beanie has a phase of regular useful life.

The second stage is, useful spin life, which can last dramatically different from Bboy to Bboy for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the type of floor they spin on. Generally this stage is about 10-18 months for a hobbiest head spinner and 4-6 months for a focused head spinner.

The last phase is when a bboy refuses to throw a beanie away and the mesh has worn through! We suggest bboys buy at least 1 headspin beanie a year! 

We have tested our beanies against other mesh and headspin products. We found out that ours generally spins on more variety of floors than other beanies. It is sturdy and dependable. The best quality is what we strive for. This flexibility, durability, frictionless-ness, allows you to maintain freedom, perfect momentum, high power... enjoy the #spinlife 

April 19, 2014


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A post on head spins by the one and only, Bboy Dizzy, Motion Disorderz

Head spins...

Good head spins, bad head spins, we all see a bit of both sides. I want to address a few points most people will not consider. Most of the time when you see head spins, they are really good. I don’t think I know anyone who will attempt a head spin outside of “practice” unless they were somewhat continuous head spins.

When I first started training head spins I was in my basement on a folding table down on the ground and a helmet. Even with a helmet I still went through some pain and frustration. The key about head spins is that everyone including the bboys with the best head spins has to go through pain, tenderness, flaking of the scalp, soreness and then more pain! there is no bypassing any of it. no pain, no gain is still the model. If you can endure it all? only then will you have a chance to have good head spins.

Lets put it ALL into perspective. Helmet or head spin hat, no matter what. “beginners” once your on a head stand, all your weight and pressure is on your neck and the top of your head. If you begin to tap for your first rotation this will be the most painful part of the learning process. After about a few days and a few attempts, most bboys would have called it quits due to little or no progress for the amount of tenderness. If you can suck it up and let the pain take its course you’ll get past the first few taps within days. I like to look at this point as “hard work paid off”. Now that your in rotation most of the pressure on your neck and the crown of your head is now moving outwards. kinda like spinning on one foot with your arms out to the sides as fast as you can, all the blood pressure is felt in your hands and fingers.

Now for the riders? SOLID is key.. Ive witnessed a lot of people in my days trying to correct there own head spins once they are in a ride by trying to catch there balance. this is a big NO NO!!! My advise is to let the mistake fix itself. as long as you stay firm or SOLID your ride will continue. by trying to catch your balance, your probably doing more harm than good. By locking your body’s position whether it be drills, bicycles, 7’s, mushrooms, etc. Your wobble will correct itself with a little bit of effort once you hit a few rotations.

Another mistake I’ve seen a few people make is learning bicycles (one leg in front and the other in back) before learning what I like to call “chairs” (both legs in front as if your sitting in a chair). The reason behind this is because once your used to doing bikes, its extremely hard to learn any other head spin positions. Most of the other positions besides drills consist of using your neck for counterbalance. 7’s for example consist of reaching for your toes, legs straight and together while your head tilts up as if your sticking out your chin. A position which is nearly impossible to learn without learning chairs first.

I learned taps within 2-3 weeks. took almost a full month to just begin to ride hitting 3-4 spins each time. If i could do it? anyone could.

~ Bboy Dizzy Motion Disorderz

Video Credits:

Bboy Dizzy Motion Disorderz
Bboy stripes flipside kings/ main ingredients
Bboy Arsin supreme beings
Video rdited by age180 / mind 180 crew
December 19, 2012


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Generation Bboy Promo with Bboy Maynard

Generation Bboy Promo with Bboy Maynard
Music: Feed Me - Pink Lady

Thanks to Maynard for making this for us. Want to get sponsored by us? Contact us and include your most recent footage/trailer! 

January 17, 2012


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Power Bboys CAN do Clean Sets!

Bboy Marcio Vs Kill Powermove Final <<< Watch Video Here

Like everyone else out there we hope to do moves just like this in the near future.  Our comments: While we congratulate Kill for such a big win, we are not so excited about that and that's not what this post is about!

It's about the fact that we are so excited to see Marcio doing clean sets. FINALLY! It's as if a bboying weight has been lifted off the bboy communities shoulders. What a great achievement. We are so proud of him.  Check out all the videos from the jam and we know you'll be glad you did.