October 19, 2019


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Under New Ownership!

School of breakingWe are excited to announce that Generation BBoy has now been transferred under the ownership of School of Breaking Inc. We also wanted to extend gratitude to Steven Silva for his tenacity in making GB an international brand!

Generation BBoy will continue to provide high quality breaking gear to bboys and bgirls around the globe. With the help of new leadership, we look forward to many exciting opportunities to introduce new gear, increase our inventory, improve shipping times, and definitely improve our communication.

We wanted to thank you for your support, and we look forward to servicing you again. 


Generation BBoy

March 11, 2014


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New! *Free Shipping on all orders over $75


Domestic Shipping

International Shipping

Domestic USA Orders Only

That's right fellow bboys and bgirls! Receive free shipping on all domestic USA orders over $75 from now on. No codes or anything. Just select free shipping at checkout and the tab is on us. 

International Shipping

We recommend Priority Mail for international orders. It is INSURED, TRACEABLE, and QUICK. We make First Class mail available only so that it is an option for customers without much cash, but with desire to have our dope gear. 

So, if you are an international customer, please put together an order for your WHOLE CREW and select Priority Mail. By splitting the shipping cost, you will pay the same as if you would have selected First Class mail, but you'll receive your package in 1-2 weeks rather than 3-4 weeks, AND you'll have peace of mind knowing your order will arrive. 


Stay Fresh! 

- Generation BBOY Crew

February 22, 2014


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King of Hearts 6 - Crew vs Crew Bboy Battle - Denver Colorado Hip Hop Events

We wanted to give a mad shout-out to Dance2Live for organizing King of Hearts 6. This 3 day event was incredible. Congrats to Havikoro for taking the 1st place. StrifeTV has put together an awesome trailer, check it out here: 


This event was great! 

June 22, 2013


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The Future of Bboying

This will be the future of American Bboying. May we be blessed with a future so wonderful, where nothing good is lost, only good is gained, and only the best of each of us is brought out.

Through our retail business we communicate a lot with bboys in other states. We have sponsored a few events in these states. When this happens I have made sure to always ask if their state has some sort of bboy organization or association or league. I have found that most big scenes DO have some sort of bboy association. Each association is a little different from the others, but pretty much all of them want to, for lack of better words, take bboying to the next level. Some want to be local, but all like the idea of taking their league nation wide. Isn't "unity" one of the core values of hip hop? Doesn't this sound a little like a pro league type of sport?

I have met with a few big names and influential bboys from Colorado. We have talked about creating this association and from it we hope will come a Colorado league. With all these groups sprouting up around the US, a nation wide bboy league will eventually form. This is Generation BBOY's written prediction of what the future of the “American Bboy Association's” mission and purpose will look like. This will be the future of American Bboying:

If you want to bboy, why not get paid to be the best you can be? Eventually you're going to hit a point in life where you have to support yourself. As a bboy, you're going to realize you cannot do it through bboying with the status quo. The best bboys in the world have trouble making ends meet in the USA because there is no industry for bboys to thrive. This yet to be named association, can kick start that industry, bring in sponsors and fans, and get bboys the recognition and pay they deserve. UFC has come up in only the past 10 years. What if bboys got paid $100,000 each for an expo battle? 

This association is not focused on all elements of hip hop, just bboying. Just like other elements of hip hop have branched off to form their own associations and groups, now is bboys time. This will be an association with a vision for enhanced socio-economic development through dance. That means (more or less) providing an opportunity for bboys to make bboying a living.

This organization with bring out the best in bboying for the world to see. It will share our culture with the main stream, not hide it in fear of it being misinterpreted or misused. It will help bboying to engage, inform, transform, sustain and entertain non bboys. Hip Hop is the fastest growing culture in the world has done more to unite youths from all corners of the earth than any government policy, no matter how well and good intended. It is for this reason that we have embraced Hip Hop dance as a vehicle for behavioral change and youth development. 

There is a moral imperative to address youth issues since they are a large and physically visible group with no formal voice, and are vulnerable to deviant conduct and disruptive activities:

1. They are negatively affected by social and economic challenges.

2. Youth can be a positive force if integrated into development processes and will have more positive outlook on their future. They understand social media and can use it for good if good role models are in their lives.

3. In terms of economic efficiency, the costs of not supporting youth development are disastrous socially, politically and economically.

This association consists of a few parts. First, is a professional educational/information resource on bboying and the entertainment industry. We set standards for the local community to educate bboys about the commercial scene so they can represent themselves well and for them to know what certain types of jobs should pay so they are not jerked or sell themselves short. This also sets standards for businesses to know what they can expect to pay for quality bboy entertainment and budget accordingly.

Second, is the event side. There are 4 different types of bboy events which cater to different crowds: mainstream events with large cash prize and held usually once a year, seasonal league tournament type events that will rank bboys within that league (and events are held often within a season), old school block parties just for fun, and grassroots competitions which don't focus on prize such as IBE, EVOLUTION, FSS. Since our goal is for economic enhancement, we will focus on the first two of the three: Mainstream events with large cash prizes and seasonal tournament leagues. We will organize many smaller competitions which lead up to one large event, forming a league style tournament. This league style competition consists of 6-8 battles over a 4 month period. Crews battle each other and their win/loss records are kept. At the end of 4 months the top 4 or 8 crews are chosen and put into a bracket based on their ranking. At the finals the crews battle down to one winner. The champions receive round trip plane tickets to any jam in the USA they choose. We will promote bboying to all youth in Colorado in all areas regardless of background, race, beliefs, economic conditions.


This will grow the US bboy scene and provide local dancers with an opportunity to develop and test their skills. This is done through competitions/the league, and exhibitions involving both local and out of state dancers. The ultimate goal is to provide dancers with a chance to travel and to expose the local scene to bboys from all over the country and help bboying find the same success of any other national "sport". 

What will the future hold? It is only a matter of time before we find out.

April 10, 2012


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National Breakin League Championship

Generation BBOY attended the NBL Championship the day after the U Got Skooled Jam! Yes, we flew one way from Denver to Salt Lake City, and then one way from Utah to Phoenix. We set up shop and spread the GB love, receiving great responses from the community in Phoenix.

Amida was also invited to compete in the top 8 championships as a 2nd Colorado Squad! What an honor! Unfortunately Yuta (aka Seed) couldn't make it so Terrific Terry and I recruited Widdle, another Colorado bboy who happened to be at the event.

We still don't have footage from our battle, but here is some footage from the Denver , CO NBL qualifier Finals! So yes, the winning crew with Ruen, Dash, and Task was announced as Colorado Kings; whereas Amida was just announced as Colorado.

Neither of our crews advanced to the top 4. Amida lost to Las Vegas' House of Reps in a tie breaker. CO Kings lost to Florida's team, which was basically Skill Methodz.

Check out the finals from NBL this year.


April 10, 2012


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U Got Skooled!

We recently went to U Got Skooled! A 3 on 3 bboy competition in Utah, at the University of Utah. One of the judges was our good friend Ruen!

We, of course, entered the battle too. The event went great. Tons of bboys got their hands on some good Generation BBOY gear. If you haven't been to a Utah jam yet, DO IT! Also, we made it to top 5 which was interesting! Here is a link to footage from Amida's battle.

If you want to catch us at any events in the future, we will do our best to post all the events we are planning on attending. You can even get some of our best prices on our gear at jams and battles.

Thanks to all the Utah scene. What a great event and great vibes. Shout out to Rachel Savage who threw the event and to Blow Up Kings for being great hosts!

March 01, 2012


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Too Good to Be True

Once upon a time, Bboy Silva was just an average BBOY. If there was one move he loved, it was headspins! He used headspin beanies in hopes of halting hair loss. He did what most beginners do, trying the mainstream brands first (they were easy to find after all, but won’t be named here). Yet brand after brand, he was completely frustrated and disappointed in the spin caps he tried.

After wasting a good amount of time, energy, and money on poor products, he came to realize the BBOYS WERE LACKING LOVIN, AND DESERVED BETTER!

Over a year of research and development later, Generation BBOY was know in the scene to make the best headspin beanies period. How sick?

Well, this is a mad wicked sick headspin beanie! One of these can do mountains of maximum extreme headspins for months. We once showed up at a jam and boom boom click bam! Just like that, our gear was strewn out across our booth. Before the MC could announce our arrival on his golden mic, our headspin beanies most potent extremeness to the maxxx instantly got all the girls in the room pregnant.

Now that you know OUR STORY, you know why we seem too good to be true.

January 17, 2012


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Crew discounts require you to party hard, NOW!

We wanted to give a shout out to all the bboy crews around the world... Yes that would be difficult to do, so actually we will just have to do it instead by offering everyone something great. Get your crew together and rejoice like a group of starving fat kids blowing out candles on a birthday cake!

This is an offer of a lifetime. We want to give a special coupon for 15% off orders over $75. Get your crew together, pick out the few beanies you like, and make it happen. You're getting the best quality of gear hands down when you purchase from Generation BBOY.

Coupon Expires at the end of February so start planning NOW.



January 17, 2012


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Power Bboys CAN do Clean Sets!

Bboy Marcio Vs Kill Powermove Final <<< Watch Video Here

Like everyone else out there we hope to do moves just like this in the near future.  Our comments: While we congratulate Kill for such a big win, we are not so excited about that and that's not what this post is about!

It's about the fact that we are so excited to see Marcio doing clean sets. FINALLY! It's as if a bboying weight has been lifted off the bboy communities shoulders. What a great achievement. We are so proud of him.  Check out all the videos from the jam and we know you'll be glad you did.

July 18, 2011

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Break-Dancing Will Kill You- No Joke NBC News Story

Let me start with two things: 1.) We acknowledge that this article was written a long time ago, but we JUST stumbled upon it recently and we know you will get a kick out of it two! 2.) Lets start with a clip from the begining of the article:

Attention Americans: a grave public health threat looms. Toxic "vaccines," poisoned nuts, exploding roller coasters...none of these threats hold a candle to the devilsport known as "break-dancing."

This lady goes on to explain how breaking is the modern day equivalent of coal mining in terms of its dangers! WOW! We just thought we would share this with you. It's amazing how ignorant some people are. Maybe she just got turned down or dumped by a bboy and wanted revenge... who knows? I was about to ask her, but if you read the comments, someone mentions they already tried and found out she no longer works for NBC.

Here is a funny video of a bboy failing to execute a power move: Bboy ouch video! If you do not have wrist bands, armbands, headspin beanies, or other protective gear get it from us now! Prevent injury and train harder.

We liked the comment on the page by someone that points out:

Instead of looking into sports that ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES violence and injuries for entertainment purposes, such as hockey, football, rugby, etc... she decides to write a page that badly stereotypes a dance that teaches the youth how to respect the self and others, how to build character, and how to promote unity in society.

We agree fellow bboy buddy! Anyways, here is the full article enjoy: