May 06, 2015


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New Mixtape - illuminytez-RockTheHouse (RAMMELLZEE) prod by Ismael Telepathy Rivera

Check out this awesome mix tape from our facebook fan Ismael Telepathy Rivera, straight out of brooklyn, NY. He has been making beats since '95. He has done MANY things in the hip hop culture in his hometown, not to mention hosting bboy battles. Stay tuned for the final release of this lp as this is just a sample. 

From the creator: "Peace party people, I cant stop and wont stop. Hip Hop is my way of life. This beat is off the Rammellzee project. This is a ruff draft. I could not mention all the crews that inspired this because the track will end up being like 12 mins long. So, I'm paying homage to the elements of hip hop and a few graff and b-boy crews...enjoy! - RUFF DRAFT"
February 21, 2013


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Bboy Villn Get Silly Top Rock Choreo

On Feb 4th, 

"It was a beautiful day so I decided to teach M-PACT a short piece. Props for learning it so quickly. 

Big shout out to Generation BBOY for the gear.

Music: Get Silly - Ben Westbeech

Choreography: VillN (Underground Flow/Kinjaz/Among B-boys)
Follow: @villn

Dancer: M-PACT (Underground Flow/Kinjaz/Among B-boys)
Follow: @Mpact_lor

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We encourage you to check out Villn's YouTube channel. He puts out a lot of good videos. We noticed this and asked him if he would rep some Generation BBOY gear, and he did! 

October 24, 2012

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One Saturday in Denver, Colorado, USA

FIRST OFF: Watch in HD!!!

One Saturday is a window that shines a light on the activities that happen on one Saturday in the Colorado urban community. The video focuses on documenting elements of the hip-hop and street culture around Denver, Colorado. These elements are a forum for a plethora of local artists. This video features many of Colorado's most talented individuals expressing themselves through their own respective art forms. I hope you appreciate the snapshot of the rich and vibrant culture threaded throughout the Colorado community. Thanks for watching!

Director/Cinematographer: Thomas "Detour" Evans
Song used: DJ Cavem - "Act like you know"


May 24, 2011


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Case of The Classicks coming to Denver?

BBOYs in Denver don't have it to well when it comes to night life. That seems to be how it goes for BBOYs world wide.  Being told we cannot break, wear caps or sneakers, or that we have to move our cyphers to different areas. Some places completely ban BBoying from their "dance club".

One spot we know of that is remotely good is "Round Midnight" in Boulder on Friday nights, where Dj Vajra sometimes spins.

THERE IS HOPE. A group of amazing individuals in Las Vegas who have done their best to make hip hop a desirable culture to promote in major clubs. They describe themselves best:

CASE OF THE CLASSICKS has been labeled the premier spot for the trendy party goer looking for an enjoyable night in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas without the mainstream influences in it’s fellow surroundings. A perfect blend of street meets class resulting in an environment of sophisticated individuals sharing the same interest in music, dance, art and fashion.”

We have news that there is talk of their work coming to Denver, CO with the help of Dj Chonz and others. Here is a link to a mix tape collaboration between Dj Chonz and Case of The Classicks:

We hope this occurs soon as we are tired of listening to bad music in a night on the town.