May 09, 2019


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Style is like a Fingerprint

A breaker is great, not because of his moves, but because of his ability to understand various ambiguous and complex concepts, which allow them to move to the music.

The individual's style of a breaking is like a fingerprint, unique to them alone. As a breaker understands the importance of originality, they will constantly see how valuable it is to be creative in all walks of life.

To be a great breaker, one has to understand that it's not about moves, but movement. Movement is everything in between the moves and the complexities of flow of the dance. When a breaking comprehends that they have to have a attention to detail, that sensory acuity can help in all walks of life.

A great breaking expresses himself and that movement is unique to that bboy alone. This is why biting is such a big deal in breaking. You cannot and should not steal someone else's life story, you have your own. Learn how to express your own story, not someone else's. 


Generation BBOY is here to help you push past your limits in breaking, life, and thought.

June 12, 2018


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10 Year Anniversary - 10 things about life and breaking

For our 10 year anniversary, we’d like to share some things we’ve learned about how breaking makes life seem easier and how life and breaking are similar. 

1.) Breaking makes life seam easier

We have all heard that “breaking ain't easy”, and that's because it is not! Not at all! Breaking is the hardest thing I've done. It makes everything else EASY. 

I've worked my whole life at it (14 years) and I still wouldn't consider myself a great bboy. It is a life long learning process. I know that if I keep pushing, keep focusing, keep having fun, keep training day after day, keep going to workshops and linking up with great bboys and picking their brain, and continuing to immerse myself in this culture, I'll continue to improve and grow. What's great about this method?


Do you want to play guitar? Start a business? Speak another language? Talk to more girls? Do good in school?

Well then you've already got it figured out! Apply HOW you've learned breaking, to that other activity and you'll be a superstar at it in to time!

2.) 10 ways breaking and life are similar

  1. It’s doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucius
  2. Grab inspiration from everywhere.
  3. Only stick around with people that lift you.
  4. Find mentors that are doing what you want to do, and learn from them.
  5. Contribute back to the communities that give to you.
  6. Don’t worry about being the best, just be the best you can be by being a little better than you were yesterday.
  7. If you have a solid foundation, everything else will be build built on solid ground.
  8. Practice gratitude and everything will be easier.
  9. Stay healthy, it makes everything easier.
  10. Don’t be afraid to do something different.


    June 11, 2018


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    Spin Life

    “Spin-life” is a fancy term I made up to describe the useful life of a headspin beanie. We have tested all the major brands on the market and have found that, of course, ours are by far outlast the competition.

    (Yes, I have actually tested the spin life of Generation BBOY headspin beanies compared to others and we ROCK!)

    For a headspin beanie to “last” it cannot unravel; have loose threads; or have any tears or holes in the mesh. ALL beanies will shrink a little and lose their elasticity due to washing and just general wear and tear, which we also have a solution for with our Quick Strap.

    I can tell you that one of our beanies will “last” a legit head spinner about 6-7 months. This head spinner I am referring to is THE person in your state/hometown/area that you think of when someone asks, “who has the best headspins in this town, cowboy?”.

    Most bboys don't headspin this much, but if you ask them, they'll tell you the joys of a brand new headspin beanie. If THEY haven't been using one of ours, it's probably because they don't know about us yet, TELL THEM PLEASE!

    For the average bboy a Generation BBOY headspin beanie can last for YEARS. We have had guys contact us up to us years later saying they bought a beanie at “Freestyle Session 12”, and they just now need another one. Holy Cow!

    For comparison, I recently bought a $30 headspin beanie from a competitor that UNRAVELED AT THE SEAMS and the MESH TORE IN 1 MONTH of use... Don't get ripped off!

    We are the ONLY brand that seriously uses headspin beanies AND makes them.

    Off on another adventure,


    All day, every day.

    June 11, 2018


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    Why do we keep doing something that is so hard to become "great" at?

    Why do we continuously pursue something that seems ridiculous? After all, sometimes it will take a year to see progress. Sometimes you will have an off training day and you cannot make any of your sets work. It gets frustrating. Here at Generation BBoy, each of us train. We know what success and what failure feels like. We push our community to grow though events like the Rocky Mountain Breaking League

    With this in mind, it is a big deal to succeed at a difficult move. It is rewarding to do something so unique and hard. Something that makes people stop walking on the street and gasp in awe. Just like any other hobby, competing (battling), is rewarding within itself. I remember vividly the first time I moved on past preliminaries. While I did not win, I knew that I was not crazy. I knew that this passion of mine was a talent too. I knew that there were other people in the world who found this whole hip-hop scene just as enticing as I do.

    Not only is it unique and rewarding but it also gives us a community. The breaking and hip-hop community in Colorado is inclusive, talented, and enthusiastic (among many other things). People come together under something that is so hard to do. That creates a bond almost nothing else can.

    There are many reasons we break. There are many reasons besides being unique; rewarding; and having an amazing community. In fact, there are so many reasons it is not possible to fit it all on this blog! Why do you continue to break? Comment below and share your motivation!

    - Kara
    July 04, 2015

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    Need Help Coming Up With a Crew Name?

    This crew name generator is the (hilarious) inspiration for this post (go check it out):

    Now that you've had a good laugh. What makes this so funny? Because it's real. I’'ve heard so many crew names that sound just like these. But breaking is about being ORIGINAL. Be yourself. Draw inspiration from other sources. It's what you've been taught in breaking all along.

    Here are some common themes to be aware of (and maybe avoid) when it comes to creating your own crew or bboy name:

    Alliterations – This is identified by a repeated sound of the first part in a series of words. Here are some examples: Funky Fresh, Solid Soul, Super Sayians! One of my favorite crew names I've heard in the past (other than my own) was an alliteration: Hardwood Heroes. I never did meet this crew. I think a crew that did this well and kept a similar sound ("e") in both words is: Supreme Beings

    Changed Spelling – Other common forms for crew (and bboy names) are exchanging the proper spelling of a word with letters that still match the sound of the original word.  For instance we generally know that in English language, you make most nouns plural by adding an “s” at the end of the word. However, we sometimes change “s” for the letter “z”. Other more common forms of this are changing “er” to “a” and “c” to “k”. For example: Killer Kings >>> Killa Kingz. This may be an over used practice, but, if you use it, just try to not be to cliché! If Killa Kingz is who you are, then rep it well. Great crews that use this technique: Soul Mechanics Krew and Skill Methodz.

    Acronyms – Another thing crews are doing that I don't get. Lots of times people enter their crew name as an acronym. Acronyms are a form of abbreviation using only the first letter of every word of a proper noun. So, “Super Fresh Krew” would be SFK. I bring this last one up because I personally enjoy and remember hearing a crew's actual name, why not rep it at an event? Just a side thought.

    If you want to be original as possible, and you don't have a name yet, think it through. Draw inspiration from outside of breaking. My crew name, Amida, comes from the Japanese name for Amitābha Buddha, also called "The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light". The name reminds us of the philosophy behind the crew: our unlimited potential through longevity.

    Moral of the story: Think through your name. Don't just follow the basics, switch it up and be yourself. Come up with something dope like: Supreme Beings, Roxrite, etc. 


    All day, every day

    June 08, 2015


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    BC One Denver Cypher

    Here in Colorado the excitement was high the rainy morning of Saturday, June 8th. Why you ask? Denver, Colorado was chosen as the host for the mid west region BC One Cypher. Walking to the event I noticed the great amount of dressed up socialites going to events next door. BC One was going on right next to where Wicked was being shown! Hosted at one of the most prestigious event halls (where the Colorado symphony plays) it was not only a great event but a wonderful venue. 

    Let's get to the actual event. Ivan the Urban Action Figure was the host and did not stop bouncing around getting the crowd hype. There was not one lull in the cypher with Ivan around. The judges were RoxRite, YNOT, and Asia Yu. Skeme Richards was the DJ and did a phenomenal job. 

    Terrific Terry, a member of the same crew (Amida) as our CEO, Silvish, was in the battle and that was one of millions of reasons Generation BBoy showed up to the event in full force. Terrific Terry, among others, kept the crowd reminded of what amazing footwork, threads, and musicality looks like while others, like Kid Cruz, kept the crowd astonished with his power and pzazz. It was cool to see the the individuality and expression of each dancer. The final ended up being between Data from Soul Mechanics Krew and Kid Cruz from Bedtime Monstaz. The winner: Kid Cruz!

    Thank you Red Bull for supporting the scene. 

    - Generation BBoy

    April 19, 2014


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    A post on head spins by the one and only, Bboy Dizzy, Motion Disorderz

    Head spins...

    Good head spins, bad head spins, we all see a bit of both sides. I want to address a few points most people will not consider. Most of the time when you see head spins, they are really good. I don’t think I know anyone who will attempt a head spin outside of “practice” unless they were somewhat continuous head spins.

    When I first started training head spins I was in my basement on a folding table down on the ground and a helmet. Even with a helmet I still went through some pain and frustration. The key about head spins is that everyone including the bboys with the best head spins has to go through pain, tenderness, flaking of the scalp, soreness and then more pain! there is no bypassing any of it. no pain, no gain is still the model. If you can endure it all? only then will you have a chance to have good head spins.

    Lets put it ALL into perspective. Helmet or head spin hat, no matter what. “beginners” once your on a head stand, all your weight and pressure is on your neck and the top of your head. If you begin to tap for your first rotation this will be the most painful part of the learning process. After about a few days and a few attempts, most bboys would have called it quits due to little or no progress for the amount of tenderness. If you can suck it up and let the pain take its course you’ll get past the first few taps within days. I like to look at this point as “hard work paid off”. Now that your in rotation most of the pressure on your neck and the crown of your head is now moving outwards. kinda like spinning on one foot with your arms out to the sides as fast as you can, all the blood pressure is felt in your hands and fingers.

    Now for the riders? SOLID is key.. Ive witnessed a lot of people in my days trying to correct there own head spins once they are in a ride by trying to catch there balance. this is a big NO NO!!! My advise is to let the mistake fix itself. as long as you stay firm or SOLID your ride will continue. by trying to catch your balance, your probably doing more harm than good. By locking your body’s position whether it be drills, bicycles, 7’s, mushrooms, etc. Your wobble will correct itself with a little bit of effort once you hit a few rotations.

    Another mistake I’ve seen a few people make is learning bicycles (one leg in front and the other in back) before learning what I like to call “chairs” (both legs in front as if your sitting in a chair). The reason behind this is because once your used to doing bikes, its extremely hard to learn any other head spin positions. Most of the other positions besides drills consist of using your neck for counterbalance. 7’s for example consist of reaching for your toes, legs straight and together while your head tilts up as if your sticking out your chin. A position which is nearly impossible to learn without learning chairs first.

    I learned taps within 2-3 weeks. took almost a full month to just begin to ride hitting 3-4 spins each time. If i could do it? anyone could.

    ~ Bboy Dizzy Motion Disorderz

    Video Credits:

    Bboy Dizzy Motion Disorderz
    Bboy stripes flipside kings/ main ingredients
    Bboy Arsin supreme beings
    Video rdited by age180 / mind 180 crew
    January 18, 2014


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    We are super excited about this event. Our friend Airsick is introducing a "1 round killer" concept and it sounds interesting! We will be at the jam in full force with our Colorado fam! We will only be able to bring a few things. So, check us out ahead of time and message us if you have a special request.



    Presented by Silverback Bboy Events & Sanctioned by UDEF
    .................PRO BREAKING TOUR

    January 18th 2014
    6 PM - 12 AM

    ALL AGES EVENT UNTIL MIDNIGHT. 21 up after midnight. DUE TO THE AFTER PARTY!! Details on that soon! Flyer also coming soon!

    1 VS 1 BBOY BATTLE (Main Event)
    1st Place = $750.00
    2nd Place= $500.00
    3rd Place= $250.00
    4th Place= $250.00
    5th Place= $50.00
    6th Place= $50.00
    7th Place= $50.00
    8th Place= $50.00

    2 Dancers will receive this award
    Cypher Killer 1 $100.00
    Cypher Killer 2 $100.00


    Great Venue with very nice floor! The venue will be created into a party vibe type of atmosphere! This way there will be a lot of cyphers! And hopefully call outs!

    For those who are flying into town. You want to fly into Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO! There are many hotels near the airport! However, if you need housing please contact me so I can notify some people so you will have a place to stay!

    MC: Flyboy Doc (Flyboys International)

    VENDORS: 50 dollars per vendor. Nice areas to vend! Please Contact: Erick Airsick Billings

    Damage: 15 Dollars (It will be worth every penny)
    Camera fee: $5.00 (We will have our own videographer)

    Online payment is no longer available. It ended December 31st, 2013.

    This will NOT be just like every other event that you go to. All the rules to every battle will be noted! The Judges views will be posted on the event page and then again clarified at the event! All the Judges for the Bboy Battle will have at least 10 years of experience under their belt and are respected within the breakin community. Judges will be posted very shortly as they confirm. We have interviewed each and every judge we select to make sure they not only are good bboys but they also understand competitions and the art form. Lastly, we are trying our hardest to stay away from being biased toward competitors. Originally we weren't going to allow anyone to battle if they were in the same crew as 1 of the 3 judges. We decided if one of the judges crew members enters the competition that judge will be replaced with our substitute judge during that battle so we can eliminate as much bias as we can.

    On the wheels of steel:

    DJ: SoulRane (Las Vegas)


    Judge #1 DIZZY (Motion Disorderz, Milwaukee, WI/ Tampa,FL)
    Judge #2 SWELLZ (Fallen Kingz Sacramento, CA)
    Judge #3 FREEDOM (ENI, St.Louis)
    Substitute Judge: TYQUAN (Mighty Zulu Kingz)


    1) There will be no preliminary round. If you sign up you will get to battle. If we have 85 bboys to enter then all 85 will get to battle. No questions asked.

    2) You will only get 1 ROUND per battle all the way to the finals(see rule number 3). This will promote no holding back! This also allows room for bboys who don't have big names to take out a bigger name if they mess up and you do great!

    3) The final battle will be 5 ROUNDS! It will be pretty impressive to see someone who can kill it in 1 round and in a 5 round battle at the end!

    4) If one of the judges crew members enters the competition that judge will be replaced with our substitute judge during that battle so we can eliminate as much bias as we can. If both bboys entering have a crew member on the judging panel then both judges will stay in their seats and judge the battle.

    5) Ties: We will not be using "majority rules". If judge A calls a Tie, judge B calls a Tie, but judge C votes for the guy on the left then the guy on the left will be the winner of the battle with 1 point. Also, if the battle does end up being a tie. The only way this can happen is if judge A says the guy on the left won, judge b says the guy on the right won, and the last judge calls a tie(or vice versa). In this case the judge that called a tie(who was undecided)will be the only judge in the tie-breaker round.


    1) There will be a 1 hour segment of all cyphers with a variety of party music. Whoever kills the cypher the most in that time will be crowned cypher killer. There will be secret judges watching who is killing the cyphers during that time.

    1) Generation Bboy (Denver, CO)

    Because this event is now sanctioned by The Pro Breaking Tour we will need ALL COMPETITORS to register as a Tour Competitor This is very easy and only takes about 5 minutes or less! Less than 2 weeks away! GET HYPE!

    August 07, 2013

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    August 2013 Sponsored Crew: "The VocaB" - A unique African footwork crew.

    First check out The VocaB's trailer for some dope footwork you've never seen before! This crew, The VocaB, won our sponsorship spot for August. They put together a crew trailer together for us. We love this crew because they are heavily influenced by African culture and focus on unique footwork as they emphasize the rhythm and mood of the music. They shared some stuff about themselves and you can read it here. Thanks Gnaarled for contacting us and sharing your style with the world!


    Tell me more about your crew. How did your crew get together? The Vocab is a crew that was created October 2012. Our crew consists of three brothers. We always trained together and we decided we should be a team, so we took the step and made a name for ourselves. 

    Have you won any battles? We have just created our crew a few months. We participated in one battle together and we lost in the final.

    Who are the bboys that have influenced you? We are influenced by African dance culture. But, we watch some of the old bboys in the world like machine, alien ness, ken swift, mr wiggels, lil zip, k mel, frosty freez, aby, trac 2 and some of the old bronx bboys crew.

    What work do you do on the side or are you in school? We are all in school. Cj is studying in a local university. Gnarled, myself, is in high School. Sknrock is at Technology Institute and in his free time he work in publiciti impremirie.

    What are things you DO NOT like to do? Our crew has three rules: First rule is no biting! Our second rule is don't loose the rhythm. And our third is don't live a lifestyle without music. 

    How would you describe your style? We totally define our style as a rhythm of any thing or any sound we hear. We are African so, like our country, our style is a rhythmically based. 

    What are your goals for the next year? We are planing to go out for international battles and develop our style and dance. Also we want to use our knowledge to create a school here in Morocco, North Africa to teach bboys and share our beliefs and also our culture .

    Anyone you are grateful for in your scene that you want to acknowledge? We are grateful for any one on the earth in this planet that respects us, our style, culture, beliefs also the way we dance.  Also, we are really grateful for Generation BBOY. It was really interesting for our crew to do this trailer and it helps us and can define our crew and style to the world.

    peace. love. unity. having fun. 

    April 25, 2013


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    Bboy Trailer Contest Winner: Dylan Lee from Monsters On Beat (M.O.B.) Spring, TX

    First check out his trailer! Dylan won $40 to the Gen BBOY store by simply sending us a trailer of himself. We Chose Dylan because he has lot of potential, he is an all around developed bboy, and has a good head on his shoulders. He shared with us some information about himself and we'd like to share it with you. Thanks Dylan! We appreciate you sharing your trailer with us.

    What work do you do on the side or are you in school? 

    Yes, our entire crew is still in school! I'm 18, but the rest of the crew ranges from age 13-16, me being the oldest.

    Tell me more about your crew. How did your crew get together? 

    Our crew, Monsters On Beat (M.O.B.), got together during the summer of 2012, most of us had just starting breaking at the time, and we got together for the sole interest of representing the northern side of Texas, being from spring, there aren't many big places to break, and our community is small. 

    Have you won any battles? 

    ...Houston however has a huge community, and we go there often trying to show that we too can compete at their level. Most of the time we lose. LOL.

    Many of the battles we've been in are on our youtube page.

    Who are the bboys that have influenced you? 

    There have been many bboys that have influenced our crew as a whole, Knuckleheads Cali, Assassin and Atsuki from Japan, Lionz of Zion, Jinjo. But those are just the more common ones that influence people all over the world. The local crews around here in Texas are a huge influence to all of us just starting out, Squirtle Squad, Jungle Brothers, and Hazardous Zombies are just a few that have made huge impacts on my own style.

    What are things you DO NOT like to do? 

    No one in our crew does drugs, so I guess drugs are something we just don't like to do! haha.

    How would you describe your style? 

    If I could, I would say, I like to act... to make the crowd laugh, to put on a story in the sets I throw out!

    What are your goals for the next year? 

    Well our crew goals for next year are to train and enter Bboy City held in Texas, we didn't get to make it the past 2 years due to us not believing in our own abilities. However, we believe that we can go and get our name out there!

    Anyone you are grateful for in your scene that you want to acknowledge? 

    We're grateful to everyone in the Texas scene, ESPECIALLY YA (Youth Advocates)! 
    They have played an important part in the growth of our group and we would like to keep on growing with their influences.

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