August 2013 Sponsored Crew: "The VocaB" - A unique African footwork crew.

First check out The VocaB's trailer for some dope footwork you've never seen before! This crew, The VocaB, won our sponsorship spot for August. They put together a crew trailer together for us. We love this crew because they are heavily influenced by African culture and focus on unique footwork as they emphasize the rhythm and mood of the music. They shared some stuff about themselves and you can read it here. Thanks Gnaarled for contacting us and sharing your style with the world!


Tell me more about your crew. How did your crew get together? The Vocab is a crew that was created October 2012. Our crew consists of three brothers. We always trained together and we decided we should be a team, so we took the step and made a name for ourselves. 

Have you won any battles? We have just created our crew a few months. We participated in one battle together and we lost in the final.

Who are the bboys that have influenced you? We are influenced by African dance culture. But, we watch some of the old bboys in the world like machine, alien ness, ken swift, mr wiggels, lil zip, k mel, frosty freez, aby, trac 2 and some of the old bronx bboys crew.

What work do you do on the side or are you in school? We are all in school. Cj is studying in a local university. Gnarled, myself, is in high School. Sknrock is at Technology Institute and in his free time he work in publiciti impremirie.

What are things you DO NOT like to do? Our crew has three rules: First rule is no biting! Our second rule is don't loose the rhythm. And our third is don't live a lifestyle without music. 

How would you describe your style? We totally define our style as a rhythm of any thing or any sound we hear. We are African so, like our country, our style is a rhythmically based. 

What are your goals for the next year? We are planing to go out for international battles and develop our style and dance. Also we want to use our knowledge to create a school here in Morocco, North Africa to teach bboys and share our beliefs and also our culture .

Anyone you are grateful for in your scene that you want to acknowledge? We are grateful for any one on the earth in this planet that respects us, our style, culture, beliefs also the way we dance.  Also, we are really grateful for Generation BBOY. It was really interesting for our crew to do this trailer and it helps us and can define our crew and style to the world.

peace. love. unity. having fun. 

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    We have raised video to my attention you’re already good You are my idol now Success in your journey

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