July 25, 2013


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9 Simple Tips to Fast Track Your Ability to Express Yourself Through Bboying

1. Decorate your bedroom.

Wherever you spend the most time that you are not bboying, take time to decorate that place with the things that inspire you and set up reminders about the things you want to accomplish. This could be printouts, posters, tshirts, fliers, shoes, anything! Studies have shown that decorated colorful workspaces increase creativity. Now, when you enter your room, you may think twice about PlayStation and instead put in some work.

2. Become an information and bboy workshop junkie.

Go to workshops! How many jams have been in your home town that had workshops that you didn't go to? All that opportunity is lost knowledge, lost experience, and lost wisdom. There’s magazines, interviews, DVD commentary, tutorials, making-ofs, breakdowns and more. Sure you may watch some stuff that you already know, but I can guarantee that there will be at least one nugget of invaluable information you can learn from every book or interview out there.

3. Surround yourself and train with bboys who are better than you.

Train with the best bboys that you can emotionally handle (If they are too good, you may get discouraged from training). It's scary how much of an effect our peers have on our life. Your skills are the statistical average of your 5 closest peers. Always be the least talented bboy, and as long as you practice, you will always get better much faster than if your peer group was all similar skill level.

4. Actually do tutorials, don't just watch.

“Tell me, I'll forget it. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand.” You'll retain the information longer by doing it, but you will also discover and realize how your own style works with the new material. Get in the habit of doing each tutorial you watch, use that pause button!

5. Learn one of your favorite bboy's rounds to "get a feel" for what a great set is like.

Flow is so vague. When you set out to purposefully learn someone's set move for move, you are gaining the intangible knowledge of what proper flow feels like. It should go without saying, that you will never use this knowledge during any cypher, battle, etc, because that's biting. It is for your private experience only. If you cannot do some of the moves in a set, replace them with similar movements (ie if they do an airflare, you could do a cartwheel). You don't have to do this forever, but if you're just starting out, it's essential to understand the vague fundamentals before moving onto more complicated movements. This awareness will be priceless as you critique your own sets.

6. Produce one original finished set each week.

First off we will give the word “set” some guidelines. We use our personal “Rule of 3”; meaning a choreographed piece with at least 3 moves, lasting at least 3 seconds, and transitioning between at least 3 levels. When you pretend you have time to do things tomorrow, you are indefinitely prolonging your right to success. Now is the only time to do things, and deadlines drive us towards finishing things. By forcing yourself to achieve this 1 week goal, you will dramatically stockpile your armory of moves.

7. Enter every battle and cypher possible.

Nothing can replace experience. Art is a form of expression. You have to express yourself to other people. Share your art or you will be all talk. Your experience from every battle will build on your confidence. If battles are rare in your area, do what I did, start promoting your own jams. There are no excuses. Hitch a ride out of state. Call people out in the cyphers.

8. Ask for honest critiques.

Bboys online are no longer looking for critiques, but for compliments and praise. Bboys that do this are putting their fragile emotions before their long term success. Be a B-Man! Ask for honest feedback on the content of your moves. Improving from battle to battle is invaluable if you want to become better at breaking and honest criticism is always better than, “you did good, bro.”

9. Keep your body healthy and functioning.

Focus on longevity and health. Learning the baby steps to power moves during workshops will keep your body healthy. Also focus on a clean diet. But there is more to it. Wear knee pads while breaking. Use headspin beanies, wrist protection, windbreakers, and any gear that will keep your body safe from the hazards of learning breaking. Generation BBOY sells all of the protective gear you could possibly want.



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