November 24, 2012


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Introducing the AEON Attire's Taper Product

Once we get these in stock we will review them for ourselves! Right now we have some words about this product from AEON: 

No two bboys or bgirls are alike. Everyone has their own style— so unleash yours! Introducing the AEON Taper, the world’s first pant-leg slimming accessory that lets you rep your style, stand out, and execute like never before!

The AEON Taper was created by bboys who were tired of baggy, saggy pant legs while breaking. They’re sloppy and drag on the floor. Try on the AEON Taper and instantly feel the difference. Feel your legs slice through the air as you flare! Feel the smooth, crisp threads! Put a swift step in your toprock! The AEON Taper is available in four diverse designs that match any outfit. Wear them to sessions, battles, cyphers… and on that date you have coming up!

Other ways to slim your pants include sewing and expensive alterations. The AEON Taper is an easy, cost-effective way to unleash your style and is transferable to all your favorite pairs of pants! 

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