National Breakin League Championship

Generation BBOY attended the NBL Championship the day after the U Got Skooled Jam! Yes, we flew one way from Denver to Salt Lake City, and then one way from Utah to Phoenix. We set up shop and spread the GB love, receiving great responses from the community in Phoenix.

Amida was also invited to compete in the top 8 championships as a 2nd Colorado Squad! What an honor! Unfortunately Yuta (aka Seed) couldn't make it so Terrific Terry and I recruited Widdle, another Colorado bboy who happened to be at the event.

We still don't have footage from our battle, but here is some footage from the Denver , CO NBL qualifier Finals! So yes, the winning crew with Ruen, Dash, and Task was announced as Colorado Kings; whereas Amida was just announced as Colorado.

Neither of our crews advanced to the top 4. Amida lost to Las Vegas' House of Reps in a tie breaker. CO Kings lost to Florida's team, which was basically Skill Methodz.

Check out the finals from NBL this year.


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