U Got Skooled!

We recently went to U Got Skooled! A 3 on 3 bboy competition in Utah, at the University of Utah. One of the judges was our good friend Ruen!

We, of course, entered the battle too. The event went great. Tons of bboys got their hands on some good Generation BBOY gear. If you haven't been to a Utah jam yet, DO IT! Also, we made it to top 5 which was interesting! Here is a link to footage from Amida's battle.

If you want to catch us at any events in the future, we will do our best to post all the events we are planning on attending. You can even get some of our best prices on our gear at jams and battles.

Thanks to all the Utah scene. What a great event and great vibes. Shout out to Rachel Savage who threw the event and to Blow Up Kings for being great hosts!

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