Too Good to Be True

Once upon a time, Bboy Silva was just an average BBOY. If there was one move he loved, it was headspins! He used headspin beanies in hopes of halting hair loss. He did what most beginners do, trying the mainstream brands first (they were easy to find after all, but won’t be named here). Yet brand after brand, he was completely frustrated and disappointed in the spin caps he tried.

After wasting a good amount of time, energy, and money on poor products, he came to realize the BBOYS WERE LACKING LOVIN, AND DESERVED BETTER!

Over a year of research and development later, Generation BBOY was know in the scene to make the best headspin beanies period. How sick?

Well, this is a mad wicked sick headspin beanie! One of these can do mountains of maximum extreme headspins for months. We once showed up at a jam and boom boom click bam! Just like that, our gear was strewn out across our booth. Before the MC could announce our arrival on his golden mic, our headspin beanies most potent extremeness to the maxxx instantly got all the girls in the room pregnant.

Now that you know OUR STORY, you know why we seem too good to be true.

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