A BBOY's Lifecycle and Legacy - The Generation BBOY Model

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This model is one way of describing the process of evolution happening in bboying. Bboying is no longer just a street dance that keeps kids busy. It is exploding into so many new and mostly wonderful things.  Whereas it used to just be be boys from the Bronx who were breaking, now any person around the world can find that their calling is breaking.

How can someone talk about how the new generation is wack or not true to bboying, when it was, is, and always will be about having fun, peace, unity, showing off, and original self expression. The nature of any culture that has originality at its center is to evolve. So why not move in a positive direction even further away from gangs and violence?

The model starts at the bottom in "Foundational Growth". All bboys begin somewhere different. But all bboys can benefit, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually through this street dance. Most bboys start through a friend. They train together and learn the basic moves. These are all the moves foundational to the scene they are in. Nation to nation the foundational moves vary, but even city to city they can change as well.

The bboy finds "Social Growth". He gains knowledge of the history and culture of the dance while they train and attend hip hop events.  He networks with other bboys in the scene who teach him not just moves, but also about health, flexibility, freezes, power, burns, and how to get better. He finds "Personal Growth". While the gangster may like the gun burns, the suburban white kid may like trash talking or other burns.

He may hit road blocks, plateaus, leave the dance for a while. He sees other bboys leave completely He realizes it is the music that motivates him and keeps him creative so he is always on a mission to find new break beats and music to train to.

Over time He becomes accustomed to the basics, but realize that in order to really grow and make a name for himself, he needs to bring something new to the table. He goes to the drawing board. Over time he creates all his very own variations. Most are good, but every once in a while he creates something great. His great moves stand out and coupled with his other unique variations of moves his style is rewarded.

He travels the world and competes and cyphers and meets even more new friends. Time passes. He starts to notice new bboys doing his moves in his home scene and abroad. He is frustrated at first as he cannot use these moves any more as they have become foundational. He quickly finds peace. He realizes that just like the legendary bboys before him, he has contributed something to the scene. He realized while his name may be forgotten, his moves will always remain.

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