July 18, 2011

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Break-Dancing Will Kill You- No Joke NBC News Story

Let me start with two things: 1.) We acknowledge that this article was written a long time ago, but we JUST stumbled upon it recently and we know you will get a kick out of it two! 2.) Lets start with a clip from the begining of the article:

Attention Americans: a grave public health threat looms. Toxic "vaccines," poisoned nuts, exploding roller coasters...none of these threats hold a candle to the devilsport known as "break-dancing."

This lady goes on to explain how breaking is the modern day equivalent of coal mining in terms of its dangers! WOW! We just thought we would share this with you. It's amazing how ignorant some people are. Maybe she just got turned down or dumped by a bboy and wanted revenge... who knows? I was about to ask her, but if you read the comments, someone mentions they already tried and found out she no longer works for NBC.

Here is a funny video of a bboy failing to execute a power move: Bboy ouch video! If you do not have wrist bands, armbands, headspin beanies, or other protective gear get it from us now! Prevent injury and train harder.

We liked the comment on the page by someone that points out:

Instead of looking into sports that ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES violence and injuries for entertainment purposes, such as hockey, football, rugby, etc... she decides to write a page that badly stereotypes a dance that teaches the youth how to respect the self and others, how to build character, and how to promote unity in society.

We agree fellow bboy buddy! Anyways, here is the full article enjoy:


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October 31, 2013

welcome to bboy like art junior crew

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