May 24, 2011


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Case of The Classicks coming to Denver?

BBOYs in Denver don't have it to well when it comes to night life. That seems to be how it goes for BBOYs world wide.  Being told we cannot break, wear caps or sneakers, or that we have to move our cyphers to different areas. Some places completely ban BBoying from their "dance club".

One spot we know of that is remotely good is "Round Midnight" in Boulder on Friday nights, where Dj Vajra sometimes spins.

THERE IS HOPE. A group of amazing individuals in Las Vegas who have done their best to make hip hop a desirable culture to promote in major clubs. They describe themselves best:

CASE OF THE CLASSICKS has been labeled the premier spot for the trendy party goer looking for an enjoyable night in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas without the mainstream influences in it’s fellow surroundings. A perfect blend of street meets class resulting in an environment of sophisticated individuals sharing the same interest in music, dance, art and fashion.”

We have news that there is talk of their work coming to Denver, CO with the help of Dj Chonz and others. Here is a link to a mix tape collaboration between Dj Chonz and Case of The Classicks:

We hope this occurs soon as we are tired of listening to bad music in a night on the town.

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