Spin Life

“Spin-life” is a fancy term I made up to describe the useful life of a headspin beanie. We have tested all the major brands on the market and have found that, of course, ours are by far outlast the competition.

(Yes, I have actually tested the spin life of Generation BBOY headspin beanies compared to others and we ROCK!)

For a headspin beanie to “last” it cannot unravel; have loose threads; or have any tears or holes in the mesh. ALL beanies will shrink a little and lose their elasticity due to washing and just general wear and tear, which we also have a solution for with our Quick Strap.

I can tell you that one of our beanies will “last” a legit head spinner about 6-7 months. This head spinner I am referring to is THE person in your state/hometown/area that you think of when someone asks, “who has the best headspins in this town, cowboy?”.

Most bboys don't headspin this much, but if you ask them, they'll tell you the joys of a brand new headspin beanie. If THEY haven't been using one of ours, it's probably because they don't know about us yet, TELL THEM PLEASE!

For the average bboy a Generation BBOY headspin beanie can last for YEARS. We have had guys contact us up to us years later saying they bought a beanie at “Freestyle Session 12”, and they just now need another one. Holy Cow!

For comparison, I recently bought a $30 headspin beanie from a competitor that UNRAVELED AT THE SEAMS and the MESH TORE IN 1 MONTH of use... Don't get ripped off!

We are the ONLY brand that seriously uses headspin beanies AND makes them.

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