Need Help Coming Up With a Crew Name?

This crew name generator is the (hilarious) inspiration for this post (go check it out):

Now that you've had a good laugh. What makes this so funny? Because it's real. I’'ve heard so many crew names that sound just like these. But breaking is about being ORIGINAL. Be yourself. Draw inspiration from other sources. It's what you've been taught in breaking all along.

Here are some common themes to be aware of (and maybe avoid) when it comes to creating your own crew or bboy name:

Alliterations – This is identified by a repeated sound of the first part in a series of words. Here are some examples: Funky Fresh, Solid Soul, Super Sayians! One of my favorite crew names I've heard in the past (other than my own) was an alliteration: Hardwood Heroes. I never did meet this crew. I think a crew that did this well and kept a similar sound ("e") in both words is: Supreme Beings

Changed Spelling – Other common forms for crew (and bboy names) are exchanging the proper spelling of a word with letters that still match the sound of the original word.  For instance we generally know that in English language, you make most nouns plural by adding an “s” at the end of the word. However, we sometimes change “s” for the letter “z”. Other more common forms of this are changing “er” to “a” and “c” to “k”. For example: Killer Kings >>> Killa Kingz. This may be an over used practice, but, if you use it, just try to not be to cliché! If Killa Kingz is who you are, then rep it well. Great crews that use this technique: Soul Mechanics Krew and Skill Methodz.

Acronyms – Another thing crews are doing that I don't get. Lots of times people enter their crew name as an acronym. Acronyms are a form of abbreviation using only the first letter of every word of a proper noun. So, “Super Fresh Krew” would be SFK. I bring this last one up because I personally enjoy and remember hearing a crew's actual name, why not rep it at an event? Just a side thought.

If you want to be original as possible, and you don't have a name yet, think it through. Draw inspiration from outside of breaking. My crew name, Amida, comes from the Japanese name for Amitābha Buddha, also called "The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light". The name reminds us of the philosophy behind the crew: our unlimited potential through longevity.

Moral of the story: Think through your name. Don't just follow the basics, switch it up and be yourself. Come up with something dope like: Supreme Beings, Roxrite, etc. 


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