WANTED's Venue - One of the best Music Venues in Denver - City Hall's Cue Room

We promise that WANTED ✖ 1v1 Breaking Duels ✖ Denver, CO will be one of the best 1v1 competitions in the Midwest. With the help of UDEF and Silverback Bboy Events, we are starting this event off with a BANG! 

Presented by the Pro Breaking Tour & Sactioned by UDEF - Pro Breaking Tour - UDEFtour.org

The Venue

Voted by 303 Magazine for Best Venue! This is such a great venue. The floors are fantastic and there is just the right amount of space. The stage lights make the crews feel like they're they've reached super-stardom. 

Denver’s best live music & events venue! City Hall is built to suit the best of the best. This unique events venue is a stone’s throw from the Denver Capitol building, across the corner from the Denver Art Museum, and across the street from the new Denver History Museum right in the heart of the city.

Here is the trailer from the last time we used this venue for King of Hearts 4! If you're not HYPE for WANTED then maybe you're just not ready for it. 


See more here: http://www.coclubs.com/city-hall/#about

Check this place out!

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