May 06, 2015


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New Mixtape - illuminytez-RockTheHouse (RAMMELLZEE) prod by Ismael Telepathy Rivera

Check out this awesome mix tape from our facebook fan Ismael Telepathy Rivera, straight out of brooklyn, NY. He has been making beats since '95. He has done MANY things in the hip hop culture in his hometown, not to mention hosting bboy battles. Stay tuned for the final release of this lp as this is just a sample. 

From the creator: "Peace party people, I cant stop and wont stop. Hip Hop is my way of life. This beat is off the Rammellzee project. This is a ruff draft. I could not mention all the crews that inspired this because the track will end up being like 12 mins long. So, I'm paying homage to the elements of hip hop and a few graff and b-boy crews...enjoy! - RUFF DRAFT"

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