We are super excited about this event. Our friend Airsick is introducing a "1 round killer" concept and it sounds interesting! We will be at the jam in full force with our Colorado fam! We will only be able to bring a few things. So, check us out ahead of time and message us if you have a special request.



Presented by Silverback Bboy Events & Sanctioned by UDEF
.................PRO BREAKING TOUR UDEFtour.org.................

January 18th 2014
6 PM - 12 AM

ALL AGES EVENT UNTIL MIDNIGHT. 21 up after midnight. DUE TO THE AFTER PARTY!! Details on that soon! Flyer also coming soon!

1 VS 1 BBOY BATTLE (Main Event)
1st Place = $750.00
2nd Place= $500.00
3rd Place= $250.00
4th Place= $250.00
5th Place= $50.00
6th Place= $50.00
7th Place= $50.00
8th Place= $50.00

2 Dancers will receive this award
Cypher Killer 1 $100.00
Cypher Killer 2 $100.00


Great Venue with very nice floor! The venue will be created into a party vibe type of atmosphere! This way there will be a lot of cyphers! And hopefully call outs!

For those who are flying into town. You want to fly into Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO! There are many hotels near the airport! However, if you need housing please contact me so I can notify some people so you will have a place to stay!

MC: Flyboy Doc (Flyboys International)

VENDORS: 50 dollars per vendor. Nice areas to vend! Please Contact: Erick Airsick Billings

Damage: 15 Dollars (It will be worth every penny)
Camera fee: $5.00 (We will have our own videographer)

Online payment is no longer available. It ended December 31st, 2013.

This will NOT be just like every other event that you go to. All the rules to every battle will be noted! The Judges views will be posted on the event page and then again clarified at the event! All the Judges for the Bboy Battle will have at least 10 years of experience under their belt and are respected within the breakin community. Judges will be posted very shortly as they confirm. We have interviewed each and every judge we select to make sure they not only are good bboys but they also understand competitions and the art form. Lastly, we are trying our hardest to stay away from being biased toward competitors. Originally we weren't going to allow anyone to battle if they were in the same crew as 1 of the 3 judges. We decided if one of the judges crew members enters the competition that judge will be replaced with our substitute judge during that battle so we can eliminate as much bias as we can.

On the wheels of steel:

DJ: SoulRane (Las Vegas)


Judge #1 DIZZY (Motion Disorderz, Milwaukee, WI/ Tampa,FL)
Judge #2 SWELLZ (Fallen Kingz Sacramento, CA)
Judge #3 FREEDOM (ENI, St.Louis)
Substitute Judge: TYQUAN (Mighty Zulu Kingz)


1) There will be no preliminary round. If you sign up you will get to battle. If we have 85 bboys to enter then all 85 will get to battle. No questions asked.

2) You will only get 1 ROUND per battle all the way to the finals(see rule number 3). This will promote no holding back! This also allows room for bboys who don't have big names to take out a bigger name if they mess up and you do great!

3) The final battle will be 5 ROUNDS! It will be pretty impressive to see someone who can kill it in 1 round and in a 5 round battle at the end!

4) If one of the judges crew members enters the competition that judge will be replaced with our substitute judge during that battle so we can eliminate as much bias as we can. If both bboys entering have a crew member on the judging panel then both judges will stay in their seats and judge the battle.

5) Ties: We will not be using "majority rules". If judge A calls a Tie, judge B calls a Tie, but judge C votes for the guy on the left then the guy on the left will be the winner of the battle with 1 point. Also, if the battle does end up being a tie. The only way this can happen is if judge A says the guy on the left won, judge b says the guy on the right won, and the last judge calls a tie(or vice versa). In this case the judge that called a tie(who was undecided)will be the only judge in the tie-breaker round.


1) There will be a 1 hour segment of all cyphers with a variety of party music. Whoever kills the cypher the most in that time will be crowned cypher killer. There will be secret judges watching who is killing the cyphers during that time.

1) Generation Bboy (Denver, CO)

Because this event is now sanctioned by The Pro Breaking Tour we will need ALL COMPETITORS to register as a Tour Competitor onwww.UDEFtour.org. This is very easy and only takes about 5 minutes or less! Less than 2 weeks away! GET HYPE!

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