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    Need Help Coming Up With a Crew Name?

    July 04, 2015

    This crew name generator is the (hilarious) inspiration for this post (go check it out): http://morethanastance.com/features/sf/2008/12/crew-name-generator/ Now that you've had a good laugh. What makes this so funny? Because it's real. I’'ve heard so many crew names that sound just like these. But breaking is about being ORIGINAL. Be yourself. Draw inspiration from other sources. It's what you've been taught in breaking all along. Here are some common themes to be aware of (and maybe avoid) when it comes to creating your own crew or bboy name: Alliterations – This is identified by a repeated sound of the first part in a series of words. Here are some examples: Funky Fresh, Solid Soul, Super Sayians! One of my favorite crew...

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